Taiji Power's Technology Concept Taiji Power's Technology Concept Taiji Power's Technology Concept Taiji Power's Technology Concept

Taiji Power's Technology Concept
Technology creates a better life, and innovation is oriented towards future

Technology is the primary productive force, and technological innovation is the core of an innovation-driven future.
  • Anode and cathode durability of MEA

    Taiji's MEAs have shown world-leading durability for cathode and anode.
  • Product Uniformity

    High standard processes contributes to high uniformity of different batches of product
  • MEA Customization

    Flexible production processes help to customize CCM/MEA design according to customer's needs.
  • Localization of Raw Materials

    Self-developed, controllable core components; full readiness to use local components for MEA production


——Dedicated to revolutionizing core components and their raw materials for hydrogen fuel cells
Guangdong Taiji Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Foshan, Guangdong Province on September 26, 2018. It has an internationally leading core R&D team in the fuel cell industry and first-class batch engineering technicians and equipment at home and abroad. Also fully equipped with a complete industrial synergy chain, Taiji boasts capabilities of independent research, development, characterization, and mass production of the core components of membrane electrodes and their main materials, anti-reversal catalysts, gas diffusion layers (GDL), etc for fuel cells. The annual production capacity of membrane electrodes for fuel cells exceeds 4,200 megawatts, with an output value of more than 3.8 billion yuan. With the strong support of the government, it was recognized as one of the key projects of Foshan in 2019, and was awarded the Foshan Seed Unicorn Enterprise in 2021. Taiji is committed to the research, localization and batch development of fuel cell core components and their raw materials. Since its establishment, Taiji has been advancing with the goal of striving for a future of hydrogen energy with the core technologies, endeavoring to achieve the dual-carbon target and sustainable and clean development.


Taiji Power's coating technology achieves uniform dispersion of catalyst and ionomer by effectively controlling the thickness of the catalyst layer, thus realizing the catalyst layer design scheme that could not be achieved before. This technology enables Taiji Power to reduce Pt loading while maintaining performance in our products.,Thus improving the overall cost effectiveness of our MEA.
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The ink prepared by Pt/C catalyst is sprayed on the surface of the proton exchange membrane to form a catalytic layer. When hydrogen contacts the catalyst layer, an electrochemical reaction occurs to generate hydrogen ions and electrons. The hydrogen ions pass through the proton membrane and combine with oxygen to form water. The external circuit flows out to form a current.
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